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Women and new forms of digital work 4.0: opportunities and threats

Flexibility, specialized skills, “smart working” and goal orientation could really decide women's success in the digital environment. But is it really like that? In reality, the OECD data (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) offers a more precise picture of the opportunities and risks concerning women and the new forms of jobs in the the…
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Fake news and post-truth, a weary debate… maybe even worn out

In the last two years the debate on fake news and how they influence public opinion in the most unequal fields, from medicine, to politics, to meteorology, has spread widely. Conventional media wisdom puts the blame on new media, especially on social networks. Nowadays most people follow the news on social networks, and so most…
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The new ways of relating in the global realm

In modern society, defined by McLuhan as a "global village with an enlarged dimension and with a new form of community-based society," we are increasingly seeing a tribalization process: the birth of multiple small communities and great difficulties in emotional relationships of any kind. The network is sharpening social problems. Henceforth, personal relationships are affected.…
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