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The five risks we run when we write on social media

Since the use of the Internet is something we do daily, from time to time it may be good to have an "examination of conscience" on how one lives one's "online life." In this article we invite you to reflect on how you deal with communication on social networks, in particular trying to warn you…
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Blue Whale Challenge

The expression Blue Whale Challenge evokes a paradisiacal image, of enormous whales that plow through the waves of the planet's ocean. It might seem to be a metaphor of their survival instincts, well represented, for example, in the movie Big Miracle. Instead, the challenge of the blue whale (Blue Whale Challenge or Blue Whale), a…
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The 7 Super Errors of the web

How many selfies do we take each day? How many posts do we publish on Facebook and how many hours do we spend chatting on WhatsApp? The site Connected Generations has listed the 7 most common mistakes we make online. These are bad digital habits, to which they were given – with great imagination and…
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