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The 7 Super Errors of the web

How many selfies do we take each day? How many posts do we publish on Facebook and how many hours do we spend chatting on WhatsApp? The site Connected Generations has listed the 7 most common mistakes we make online. These are bad digital habits, to which they were given – with great imagination and…
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Grandparents 2.0: why an association of grandparents

The statistics tell us: Europe’s prairies for some years are falling more and more often prey to a new type of animal. The grandparent. The grandparent, who was a quivering tripod still at the beginning of the last century, is turning into a "different" vigorous biped, very active even if he is over 65 and…
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Online Haters: Small Bullies Grow and Evolve?

Once upon a time, it was necessary to confront face-to-face the targeted person. At least it was needed that you expose yourself. Today, thanks to blogs, forums, and online platforms, as well as social media, spreading hatred seems to be more and more a national popular sport in all countries. The victims are always the…
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