Tuesday, June 25 2024

Familyandmedia is an international think-tank dedicated to analyzing the relationship between family, media and society. Our research is twofold. On the one hand, we study the mass-media’s portrayal of the family, delving into the methods used, and the effects of media content and the use of technologies. On the other hand, we examine how institutions that promote the family develop their messages and communicate these in the public space.

We aim to help disseminate an awareness and appreciation for an accurate and balanced relationship with the media, with a view to human growth and character formation.

Our origins

Familyandmedia began in 2005, as a research project included in the first interdisciplinary workshop on the family and the media held at the Santa Croce University in Rome. Participants included professors of the Faculty of Communication, Theology and Philosophy of the Holy Cross, and university communication teachers of Navarra (Spain), Cattolica of Milan, Austral (Argentina) and CEU San Pablo of Madrid.

The subsequent workshops of 2006 and 2009 further expanded the research team, introducing members of the Universidad CEU San Pablo of Valencia (Spain), of the Universidad Católica de Argentina, University of Italian Switzerland (Lugano), Panamericana of Guadalajara (Mexico), University of Sabana (Bogota, Colombia), Catholic University (Concepción, Chile).

Project methodology

Underlying the project is a concept of ‘family’ as understood in Christian anthropology. Familyandmedia intends to promote, through empirical analysis, a positive vision of the natural anthropology of the family , offering “a framework” that guides the long-term communication efforts of organizations and institutions dedicated to promoting the family.

The team

• Norberto González Gaitano – Director of Familyandmedia

• José María La Porte

• Armando Fumagalli


• Cecilia Galatolo (Italy)

• Rafael Hurtado Domínguez (Mexico)

• Dale Farmer (USA)

• Sarah Tighe (Australia)

• Rocio Lancio García (Italy)

• Miguel Castellví (Spain)