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3 practical tips to preserve the beauty of our memories

Taking photos or shooting videos frantically can spoil - rather than capture - the magic of the moments we live and ruin the memories that would have be imprinted in our memory. Complying with the anxiety of immortalizing or instantly sharing an experience – instead of observing, contemplating, "savoring" the reality we live – we…
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The 10 rules from a mother for smart smartphone use

Smartphone yes or smartphone no? This is the question that many mothers daily face before the increasingly insistent demands of their children, actually children well below the age of 14. Let's put it all out there. On the one hand, the cell phone gives a mother a sense of security and peace of mind. It…
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Live and Die for a Selfie

In the age of social networking and communication, image is everything – sort of mantra that resonates and reverberates in both traditional and digital media. To appear to be or not to be, this seems to be the new and insane rule to follow, to show the world you exist, even at the cost of…
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