Memory in the Internet Age: A Study Reveals How it’s Changed

Raise your hand if you know the cell phone number of your own parent or child by heart? Who knows the birthdays of their friends, relatives or closest colleagues, without having to check Facebook or some other electronic database? In the vast majority of cases, the response is negative. Nevertheless, our grandparents remembered them all. Dates of anniversaries or birthdays Continue Reading

The Intruder: multitasking in the Era of Distraction

In every moment of the day, there is someone who is not there with us, but who speaks with us and solicits us constantly. It appears without warning, interrupts whoever is talking, and constantly changes the conversation. It is the intruder, the one who has made it practically impossible to finish a job, watch a film, or chat at the Continue Reading

If Divorce is Children’s Greatest Fear

A few years ago, when I worked as a catechist in Rome, I was teaching on the topic of the Annunciation. I took advantage of the occasion to speak a bit on Jesus’ earthly family. At one point in the discussion, one of the children declared, “My greatest fear is that my parents will get a divorce”. After her statement, Continue Reading

Grave Consequences of the Exposition of Adolescents to Sexual Content in the Media

A few weeks ago I attended a workshop given by an expert in marketing and social media. The speaker emphasized the unawareness about the age of beginning to use pornographic material and the frequency of its use. He pointed out that it begins earlier than in old times. It is surprising that many parents see the problem as being very Continue Reading

Is Dostoyevsky still relevant? Conference gives an interdisciplinary perspective to his works

Is there still reason to read the works of Dostoevsky today? Is his narrative - deeply Christian and at the same time anti-moralist - still relevant? And above all, can it still guide the growth and education of young people, against the tyranny of modern nihilism? These are just some questions raised at the 7th International Poetics & Christianity Conference, Continue Reading

Self and others: From Identity to Relation

Original Title: Io e gli altri. Dall’identità alla relazione, Edusc, Roma 2010. Antonio Malo Pascal said that "all the unhappiness of men arises from one single fact that they cannot stay quietly in their own chamber" (Pensées, n. 139). Pascal’s tough judgment is not simply a tirade against activism, but a defence of the need to study, rest and meditate, Continue Reading

Education and The Media: An Interview with Francesco Belletti, President of the Forum of the Family Associations (Italy)

"Parents must have the courage to discover and enter into the media world. There is no other alternative: their children are already there." —Is the family in crisis or is the family an opportunity? The family is without a doubt always an opportunity and an option. To form a family responds to the human desire to develop a profound belonging. Continue Reading

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