The 10 Commandments of Social Networks

In December 2012, the image of Benedict XVI holding an iPad while sending out his first tweet went viral. The heirachy of the Church was demonstrating their understanding of the importance of keeping up with the times. To continue the dialogue with their faithful throughout the world, it was necessary to comprehend well the phenomonon and reach of social networks, Continue Reading

Candy Crush Saga: What lies behind the candies? A journey through obsession, addiction and loneliness

What is Candy Crush Saga? Candy Crush Saga is one of the most downloaded free apps of all time. Over 50 million people constantly play it on devices, while on the bus, at the metro station, in the queue at the post office or waiting to see the dentist. Up to 600 million games are played per day. Indeed, Candy Continue Reading

Snapchat: new frontier of social networks or social trap to flee?

Messages, images and videos that self-destruct almost immediately. No, it’s not something from the latest spy movie out at the cinema, but the mechanism behind the most popular social networks at the moment - at least among US teenagers. We are talking about Snapchat, the app that lets you send messages and content that self-destruct in seconds and which is Continue Reading

Character Education and Digital Lifestyles

98% of young people between 16 and 34 are connected to the Internet 24 hours a day, especially via their smartphones. The remaining 2% are not – but probably only because they’ve got a dead battery or have run out of phone credit. But joking aside, these figures, which emerged during the Professional Seminar Character Education and Digital Lifestyles held Continue Reading

Slot Machines, Video Poker and Online Gambling. Increasing dependency among the elderly

Retired women bundled up in their patched coats, with their purses carelessly thrown on the ground, completely taken by the lights and sounds of the slot machine in an anonymous, gray bar. Widowers sitting on a stool in a noisy game room, their cigar butts slowly dying, as they stare at a video poker game. Then there are those who Continue Reading

Is Wikipedia the New Encyclopedia of Post-modern Times?

Wikipedia is “the free online encyclopedia that anyone can edit” with more than 40,5 million articles (5.178.924 in English) in 293 languages (up to June, 21), ranking one of the 10 most visited websites on the Internet (62. 687. 899 users). Academics scorn it and recommend that students do not cite it, but at the same time they use it like anyone Continue Reading

Social networks and depression: link shown with scientific research

Social networks and depression: an increase in unhappiness for young Americans Recent research by the University of Pittsburgh on the use of social networks by young Americans between 19 and 32 years old, gave scientific support to what until now has always been suspected. Excessive use of social networks can be addictive and cause depression and malaise. These are the Continue Reading

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