Is marriage worth it? The words of Héctor Franceschi, Professor of Matrimonial Canon Law

"Why marry?" This was the question proposed by Professor Héctor Franceschi, professor of Marriage Canon Law at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, at the inaugural lesson entrusted to him during the opening ceremony of the new academic year. The Professor, with the appropriate level of seriousness but also a touch of irony, faced this extremely timely and delicate Continue Reading

An Extraordinarily Ordinary Life

Ethel and Ernest: a True Story , is an excellent adaptation of the graphic novel written by Raymond Briggs (The Snowman, Father Christmas), which tells the story of a married couple whose defining characteristic is its extraordinarily ordinary way of life. In this story there are no superheroes with long capes nor long interplanetary voyages in which the existence of Continue Reading

Living on the Internet: A Necessary Educational Reflection to Humanize Digital Natives

The presence of the internet in the current world is one of the key aspects that define our daily lives. To understand the situation and the repercussions of the digital world that surrounds us the book Living on the Internet ( Vivir en internet published by Sintesis ) is particularly helpful as much for parents as for teachers. This book Continue Reading


Thirteen Reasons Why is one of the most recent media blockbusters of the growing film company Netflix and in the past few weeks it has become an ideal product of consumption for lovers of “binge-watching”. In essence the American series can be classified as a brilliant adaptation of the best-seller by Jay Asher of the same title, published in 2007. Continue Reading

When a newer love is always greener…

Love stories in movies often have plots straight out of common clichés. Just consider the classic scene where a future spouse flees the altar just in time to meet the person she truly loves, who also at right moment has made a mad dash to the wedding to try and stop the ceremony. One film with this climax is the Continue Reading

Pornography: the Problem is Relational Anorexia

If the reader of this article were to be asked what is the percentage of adolescents (between 12 and 18 years old) who regularly watch pornographic content, what percentage would occur to him? Since 2007 I have been conducting empirical studies about the lifestyles of adolescents and young people: I have interviewed more than 25,000 from all the continents. And Continue Reading

Technology and children: the dilemma of using and not using devices

60% of children under the age of two use the smartphone of their parents. We are talking about digital natives - modern children born with technology in hand who spend increasing amounts of time attached to electronic devices. Is it fair to leave them in the care of illuminated screens? There are those few who support technology and that majority Continue Reading

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