Media and family embedded

The “bedroom culture” refers to the phenomenon where the use of the media by children and young people “is associated with the forming of their own identity and definition of private space, even within the family”. It generally develops when their bedrooms are equipped with an abundance of media (computer, TV, cell phone, etc.). The report “ Media, communication and Continue Reading

Infoval: educating the family in values and virtues

Infoval ( is a Spanish/English web portal for the education of values and virtues within the family context. It is presented as a digital community aimed at offering tools for a healthy life education. It is an innovative site with content in text and multimedia format. Besides issues regarding the family, other key topics focus on the youth and society. Continue Reading when the Internet is at the service of the family ( is an active web portal dedicated to the family, based on a Christian prospective on life. It has a simple structure that effectively organizes the content. From the home page you can directly access the four main sections, divided by theme: family life, culture and leisure, family and school, and services. There is interaction with their public Continue Reading

Educational Emergency and Reading

Introduction Reading is an unavoidable topic in the summer. The most diverse newspapers and magazines fill their pages with tips on works and authors to occupy the hours of the inactive workday. And rightly so, even beyond the commercial demands that drive such proposals. Our vacations put to the test our interior density, our “interior life”, our capacity to be Continue Reading

Lost: A series that makes you think

In the midst of television today, saturated with inconsistent programs, it’s comforting to discover from time to time a series such as Lost. It’s credited with having brought deep issues to the screen- the identity and fate of man, his responsibility facing free will, the sense of guilt, the possibility of redemption- and having a fairly explicit religious dimension, even Continue Reading

Users and consumers of Spanish media

Cmedia ( ) is a federation of 17 regional associations of media users and consumers, which has given new life to old radio and television associations of Spain listeners. There are about 100,000 members and roughly 500 volunteers. They successfully work on two fronts: 1. Orienting parents and schools through a monthly magazine called Contraste, which covers television programs, Continue Reading

The secret of brands. What’s hidden behind the communication of fashion: real needs or only emotive suggestions?

The new edition of What’s left of the media by Gianfranco Bettetini and Armando Fumagalli (Quel che resta dei media; Franco Angeli, Milan) has recently hit bookstores. It has been over ten years since the publication of the first edition (in 1998) and the authors have now issued an updated synthesis of the evolution of the media panorama, from the Continue Reading

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