Ever more digital, Ever more social. Revelations from the ‘We Are Social’ and Hootsuite reports

What is the relationship between the worlds’ population and the digital realm? Some interesting dots have been revealed in a collaborative report between the creative agency We Are Social and Hootsuite, a well-known platform for the management and optimization of social media channels. The Digital in 2017: Global Overview Report, a combined effort of several companies, is essential to understanding Continue Reading

Facebook: the social network changing our brains

For years now, Facebook has affected our emotions, relationships and social interactions. Raising the alarm to its incredible influence, and in particular, its possible effects on the human brain, is Sean Parker - one of its original founders. During a conference organized by Axios at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia (USA) Parker, former founder of Napster and among the Continue Reading

You were born original, do not live as a photocopy: a novel that invites us to change our gaze to the higher

"We are all born original, but many die as photocopies": so the young Carlo Acutis, who died of leukemia in 2006 and was proclaimed servant of God in 2016, explains how many young people, instead of making use of their own unique gifts, using them to serve others, they give into a consumerist mentality that ends up numbing them. "Each Continue Reading

Director of an abortion clinic becomes pro-life activist: the touching story of Abby

Abby Johnson embraces the cause of Planned Parenthood (US "health” institution in which abortions are done, involved in the last few years in scandals selling embryonic tissues of aborted fetuses in their clinics), when she is very young, starting her service first as volunteer and later assuming the role of director. After eight years from his entry, however, he decides Continue Reading

The Family: a “Telepace” TV show helping families

How can the media help the family? How can it be served - rather than impoverished – through newspapers and TV shows? How can we appreciate the enormous value that this micro-society has for society as a whole? These are just some of the questions we believe should accompany those who intend to "communicate the family". However not everyone who Continue Reading

Love at the time of Internet: from emotions to emojis

Love at the time of Internet is more like a smartphone app: full of emojis and sometimes relegated within the screen of an iPhone. Managing a relationship is always a personal matter and no one can establish the rules of the perfect love. Surely, compared to the past, the chances of meeting the soul mate have changed. In the old Continue Reading

Education to love and homosexuality

In both the scientific and medical fields, no common ground exists about the concept and nature of homosexuality, but still - in order to have an open and productive debate stretching beyond the sterile logics of partisan propaganda – it is possible to make some considerations, not just on morality, but also on psychology, anthropology and society. That is the Continue Reading

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