A challenge for today’s film industry: how to make chastity attractive?

It is no secret that in recent decades that films have placed significant emphasis on sexuality, often showing it without filters, uncensored. To paraphrase Gustave Thibon, French philosopher and essayist, sexuality today seems to have lost its center, now resembling an “ex-centric" circle, with rays that go everywhere, but arrive at nothing. It has lost its meaning, and therefore its Continue Reading

Eighty percent of traffic accidents caused by cell phones. And in the USA a stop to Whatsapp and SMS while driving

A vechicle lies tragically crumpled on the bitumen, still smoking, whole families destroyed, young lives cut short. This is not the trailer for a war movie, but a sad everyday reality; that of road accidents. In fact, ever greater numbers of people are losing their lives on the road, mainly due to brief distractions while driving, in particular involving cell Continue Reading

The deep web: the dark side of the Internet. A journey beyond the boundaries of the Net

Deep web speaks of websites of rebels and anti-government political activists, illegal marketplaces where you can buy everything from drugs to weapons to false documents all the way to human organs, hackers and paedophiles. In short, a long blacklist of websites enough to make even the most jaded of us uneasy. This is the deep web, a no man's land Continue Reading

The most enjoyable family films this Christmas time

Without a doubt, Christmas is one of the most cherished and anticipated times of the year in traditionally Christian countries. It is a time of joy and reflection for those who believe in God incarnate, as well as a reason of celebration for those who recognize it as a feast inspired by positive values such as brotherhood, generosity, and togetherness. Continue Reading

What to give this Christmas? Susanna Tamaro and the Tiger and the Acrobat

The festive season is always the right time to give a little something to our family and friends. But many of us panic because we don’t know what to give our nearest and dearest for Christmas. A book is always a good idea. But which book to give? Amongst the many releases, we suggest the latest book by Susanna Tamaro, Continue Reading

The Image of the Family in Twitter According to a Sociological Study

Besides being a very popular social network, Twitter has become a point of reference for interchanging and diffusion of information and for obtaining content for different actors in public life (general public, journalists, politicians and so on). It is already one of the most important public spaces in which there is a bidirectional communicative scheme, that has the intention of Continue Reading

Series in 2016. From House of Cards to Gomorra: Evil always Conquers

The year 2016 has been quite the full year for television series, with selections for all tastes. Viewers were offered a variety of choices from comedies to thrillers, science fictions to cop shows. Greatly anticipated comebacks, such as X-Files, made their way to the screen. New seasons in Gomorra and House of Cards gained significant popularity. Novelty shows, like Billions, Continue Reading

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