Pornography: the Problem is Relational Anorexia

If the reader of this article were to be asked what is the percentage of adolescents (between 12 and 18 years old) who regularly watch pornographic content, what percentage would occur to him? Since 2007 I have been conducting empirical studies about the lifestyles of adolescents and young people: I have interviewed more than 25,000 from all the continents. And Continue Reading

Technology and children: the dilemma of using and not using devices

60% of children under the age of two use the smartphone of their parents. We are talking about digital natives - modern children born with technology in hand who spend increasing amounts of time attached to electronic devices. Is it fair to leave them in the care of illuminated screens? There are those few who support technology and that majority Continue Reading

The courage of one’s own ideas: an interview with Oscar Di Montigny

"A hero is a simple man. Rather than being strong and powerful, he is someone who accomplishes an extraordinary and generous act of courage that involves or leads to self-conscious sacrifice in order to protect the good of others or the common good." Oscar Di Montigny It is a hot and humid morning, the type that makes you wish it Continue Reading

Once upon a time there was a charming prince…

A central theme of classical fairy tales is the love story between a man and woman, between the prince and the damsel... between the hero and a beautiful young lady, always present to rescue, protect and nurture. In their appreciable purity and simplicity, these fairy tales often have stereotypical stories, characters and far-fetched endings. Just as an example, the princess Continue Reading

TV series and familiies: If the “nuclear family” becomes just one of many options

Families and television series: what is the relationship between these two realities? How is the family portrayed in the most loved TV shows today? These and other questions have led us to analyse how soap operas and telefilms portray the institution which, according to many sociologists, remains the primary cell of society, or rather, the micro-community from which the whole Continue Reading

Memory in the Internet Age: A Study Reveals How it’s Changed

Raise your hand if you know the cell phone number of your own parent or child by heart? Who knows the birthdays of their friends, relatives or closest colleagues, without having to check Facebook or some other electronic database? In the vast majority of cases, the response is negative. Nevertheless, our grandparents remembered them all. Dates of anniversaries or birthdays Continue Reading

Education Project for the Digital World: Empantallados

How much time do our children spend online? An average of 136.5 days per year. How much time do our children spend in front of the television? An average of two hours a day: three times more than the time invested in reading a book. Then did you know that over 35% of social media profiles of minors 14 and Continue Reading

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