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We’re celebrating Christmas. It’s time for sharing, to spend time together
with all the family and – why not? – time to watch Christmas movies with
timeless values because, even as the years go by, the message always
remains the same: we have to think of others at the cost of thinking less
about ourselves.

Home alone
. Who doesn’t remember the McCallisters’ youngest son, Kevin? His family
lives in Chicago and, because of an argument, Kevin gets sent to the attic
of the house as punishment.

The next morning, in the rush to catch the flight to Paris for the
holidays, the family forgets about Kevin, who is left home alone.

The boy will learn how to face a couple of thieves in order to defend his
home while staying alone without his family precisely at Christmas.

La gran familia (The big family)
. The Alonso family is a couple, their fifteen children and a grandfather.
In the film they show us, not without a certain grace, the ins and outs of
a large family: from the worries how to make ends meet to how they organize
themselves to be able to go on vacation. A cult movie for these holidays
that culminates with the loss of the youngest son, Chencho, precisely on
Christmas Eve.

It’s a wonderful life
. A classic movie by Frank Capra, which tells the story of George Bailey, a
generous man who is always attentive to others. Everything goes well until
he gets into debt as a result of the Wall Street crash of 1929, and he
decides to jump off a bridge; fortunately his guardian angel comes to his
aid. His angel shows him what his life would have been like if he had not
been there, which leads George to reflect on the meaning of our actions and
of life itself.

While you were sleeping
. A romantic film with Sandra Bullock, a young ticket seller at the metro
station who is secretly in love with one of the passengers. The story takes
a turn when the man gets pushed off the platform onto the tracks and she
manages to save his life. In the hospital, as he is in a coma, she is taken
for his fiancée and here we have the perfect storm. She will discover what
it is like to have a family and what it means to really be in love.

Family Man.
A businessman gives up on love because he is obsessed with his job and his
luxurious life. One day, precisely on Christmas Eve, he has an accident and
he finds himself living another life, with his old girlfriend whom he left
in order to pursue his professional career. A tribute to family life and
having a real home instead of an empty and aimless life.

The Star
. A cute children’s film, faithful to the story of the Nativity, but
presented by the little donkey Bo. Mary and Joseph are nicely caricatured,
as are all the little animals that will make the birth of Jesus in
Bethlehem possible.

Miracle on the 34th Street
. After an accident, the Macy’s department store decides to replace the
Santa with another one. Kris fulfills his role so well that he is hired
during all the holiday period, until he claims to be the very same Santa
Claus. A film that brings out the true beliefs we hold in our hearts.

Joyeux Noël
(Merry Christmas) Based on a true story. On one of the
fronts of the First World War a ceasefire was called for a moment. The
British and German soldiers decided that they would spend the night before
Christmas together, without gunfire. They even sang Christmas carols and
played football matches. A great example of brotherhood and humanity that
led the combatants on both sides to be friends for a moment.

. The protagonist, Diego, is in the middle of a mid-life crisis, his
marriage is in tatters and communication with his children is practically
impossible. One day he meets Antonio, a 15-year-old boy who is suffering
from cancer but his vitality is incredibly contagious. Thanks to their
meeting, and to a number of coincidences, Diego will manage to overcome his
existential crisis. A film to reflect on our destiny and our attitude in
the face of life’s adversities.


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