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Baby Boss,
a 2017 animated film, directed by Tom McGrath

The protagonist of this film is a very special baby, because he was sent to
Earth with the goal of stopping the invasion of puppies, which are
replacing the children in many homes.

The older brother, jealous of the attention that the parents reserve for
the newcomer, once he has discovered the mission of the child, will try to help him
to accomplish it: if he succeeds in his plans, he will leave the family and
no one will remember him anymore…

The two will then be living out a great adventure, which will help them to
know each other, to understand each other better and also to love each

The film, with elegance and irony, is able to touch on very serious
problems, such as the day in day out fatigue of two new parents and the jealousy
of older brothers.

The director tells us, in fact, with great skill what happens at home when
a baby arrives: the latter becomes a boss, as the title suggests, because
it “imposes” its needs on all the others. At the same time, however, it is
able to show how, with everyone’s commitment, it is possible to achieve a
new balance and live in a happy and united family.

In addition, albeit in a playful way, Baby Boss raises a big problem: that
many in our society, frightened by the responsibility that involves having
children, prefer to get a pet… Many, in fact, for fear of jumping into
the challenge of raising children opt for a life as a couple forever, in
the company of a dog or a cat.

Baby boss then gives voice to all those babies “replaced” for convenience,
showing the beauty of a large family, made up of human beings.

Despicable Me 3
, a 2017 animated film, directed by Pierre Coffin, Kyle Balda and Eric

The cartoon – the third film of the saga of which Despicable Me
and Despicable Me 2 are part – tells the story of two twin
brothers who meet as adults, after having been divided at birth: the
parents wanting to divorce but unable to find an agreement to raise the
children together, they had decided to each take a child.

Having met only as adults, the two find themselves comparing their very
different lives.

One chose to “live as good”: he has a family and works in crime fighting,
while the other chose instead to “be bad”, like the criminals that the twin
pursues. The latter lives alone and in gold, conquered by dishonesty.

The two will find themselves together chasing a world-famous criminal, who
has stolen a precious diamond, but the former will do it for justice, the
latter for himself and in this will arise the differences…

The film, albeit in a witty way, shows the difference between good and
evil: it brings to light the danger of being seduced by wealth and above
all letting oneself be influenced by those who, by way of dishonesty, find
their path to easily obtain material things. It also indicates ‘good’ as a
way of authentic inner freedom.

Another positive message is the idea of the family that is conveyed: a family
united in good and bad luck. The wife of the good twin, in fact, agrees to
lose her job to defend her husband, unjustly accused by their boss. “But
why did you do it? – he asks her – You love your job so much… ”

“Yes – she replies – but there are things that I love more…”

, a 2017 animated film, directed by Garth Jennings

The protagonist of this animated film is Buster, a koala who is a bit of a
utopian, who wants to carry out at any cost the family business built by
the sweat of his father: it is a theater, which would now seem to be destined to fail.

Buster, at first glance naive and inexperienced, is actually very
determined and tenacious. He looked up to his father so much – even if he
failed – that in order not to disappoint him, he looks everywhere for
solutions to avoid the collapse.

In thinking of what could make the deceased parent happy, he decides to
organize a singing contest, in an attempt to revitalize the theater.

The auditions of the “competition” will bring out the talented, who will
initially find themselves competing against each other, to win a prize.
Subsequently, however, these new friends will unite to set to work
something that will allow the theater to stay alive…

The film, in addition to presenting a wonderful father-son relationship, so
solid and deep that it overcomes the separation of death, teaches us that
generosity, sharing, and teamwork lead to much more beautiful and lasting
results than those they would be obtained by thinking only of their own
selfish interests.

The film, fun and original, is enjoyable for both children and adults. The
story is full of twists and turns, plenty of funny little creatures as protagonists who interpret and dance to famous musical pieces, inevitably causing hilarity in the


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