The Oscar awards have always provided a reliable measurement of world
cinema trends and and professionals’ preferences, albeit of unavoidable
polemics which helps making profitable noise for the movie industry. The
Oscars greatly influence the viewers choices, as well. In 2019, Hollywood
honored movies focused on accepting diversity and fighting prejudice. One
of these that delves into these sort of issues is Green Book,
winner of three Oscar awards, including best film. In addition to the theme
of discrimination, the coveted fantasy of super heroes has also had its
share of success with the public and critics this year, with the production
of Avengers: Endgame and Spiderman: a new universe.
Children’s cinematography has kept pace with other genres, with high
quality films such as The Incredibles 2 and Toy Story 4.
As for comedy, it seems that there were no unforgettable pictures produced,
with the exception of a few titles such as Cyrano, My Love, a
French production. What do you think is the golden film of the year? The
choice from the best selected according to the guide Choose a Film 2019 is yours. This guide was drawn up by Armando
Fumagalli and Eleonora Recalcati.

Green Book

Inspired by a true story, Green Book displays the power of
friendship in a world where barriers seem impassable. This is the story of
Tony Lip, an Italian-American bouncer who, in difficult economic
circumstances, accepts a job bordering on scandalous for the customs of the
time (1960s): becoming the driver of Don Shirley, a wealthy African
American. Don Shirley is a world-renowned jazz pianist, who resides in New
York but tours the southern American states, which are not at all welcoming
towards people of color. For safety purposes, there is the Negro Motorist
Green Book, a guide that contains hotels, restaurants, and “black-friendly”
gas stations, where African Americans can stop without fear for their own
lives. Following the directions of the Green Book, the particular pair (of
Tony and Don) begins a journey that highlights the fierce contradictions of
racial inequality. Why is it a must see? It is a thrilling movie that has
the great honor of having stirred up a debate on the unfortunately always
topical issue of racism.

Cyrano Mon Amour

It takes place in Paris in the late 19th century. Edmond Rostand, a young
talented poet, has been suffering from failure and is living on the
streets. However, he was offered a great opportunity: to commission a
heroic comedy for the star Constant Coquelin. Edmond doesn’t have a cent in
his pocket and has only three weeks to write what will become a
masterpiece: Cyrano de Bergerac. Why is it a must see? It is a
film with a great pace and pays precise attention to the details of the
setting, as well as tells a story that captures the viewer and moves him.

The Incredibles 2

Governments around the world have declared superheroes outlawed. Now all
they have to do is find a normal job and face the problems of daily family
life… Fourteen years later, Pixar returns to tell the story of this
family of superheroes that has thrilled many families. Why is it a must
see? It’s a fun and hilarious film, but it also makes us reflect on a
question: does it mean more to be superheroes who defend the universe from
the bad guys or to raise a family?

Spiderman: A New Universe

Miles Morales is a Brooklyn teenager struggling to overcome the
insecurities of his age. One night he is bitten by a radioactive spider. In
that moment everything changes. He meets Spiderman who, however, is killed
before his very eyes by the super villain Kingpin. Miles begins to think
that he is the heir, only to discover that in New York other spidermen have
come from parallel universes. Together with them he will have to stop
Kingpin’s crazy plan and find out if he really has the courage inside
himself to become a real Spiderman. Why is it a must see? The message of
the film, like the rest of all the previous Spiderman movies, is very
positive: a person who helps others simply because he knows he has to do it
and because it is the right thing to do, is undoubtedly a true superhero.


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