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From the flood of web applications that can be downloaded on our cell phones, Familyandmedia has selected for you the 5 apps of the moment that can be of valuable help in many situations. There is something for everyone: apps for children and for teenagers, all the way to more specific ones for parents and teachers. Let’s discover them together.

1) Anton. An educational and learning app, offering over 100,000 homework assignments for school-age children in a wide variety of subjects. There is everything from languages to math, from biology to natural sciences. Learning is supported by various types of exercises, such as interactive explanations and learning games. It is available in German, French and English.

Familyandmedia recommends: it’s a study app for children, ideal for those who want to do in-depth homework or during the summer break or Christmas vacations, to keep the mind in constant practice.

2) Tide. 25 minutes of learning with maximum concentration, 5 minutes of pause with relaxing music. This is Tide, a learning app whose regular breaks help the teenager stay fully focused with short but intense study phases. The large selection of relaxing sound effects can also help in mediation and for stress regulation or in case of sleep disturbances. The purpose is to avoid the spasmodic checking of notifications on one’s cell phone, which Tide will promptly block out through a countdown that combines white noise and relaxing music suitable for concentration. A very interesting feature is one that provides access to statistics. Tracking your performance as a model student will direct you to understanding your workflows. You will be able to get a more complete view and remedy where you think there are still lapses.

Familyandmedia recommends: ideal for students who are struggling with exam sessions and want to make the most of their preparation time, without distractions.

3) Social Classroom. An app for distance education. It’s basically a digital platform based on content sharing between teachers and students, used for educational purposes. In fact, not only can the teacher prepare lessons using textbooks or insert other kinds of material of their own or found online, but the students themselves can propose content, actively participating in the lessons.
In addition, Social Classroom makes it possible to work on group projects even among different classes and different educational institutions.

Familyandmedia recommends: a perfect app for teachers who want dynamic and interactive lessons in cases of distance education.

4) Montessori Preschool. This is a collection of educational apps, all inspired by the Montessori method. The selection of apps ranges from those dedicated to number calculation and languages to logic, music and more. Through the proposed activities, children can begin to approach the alphabet, writing and numbers.

Familyandmedia recommends: Montessori Preschool is a collection of apps featuring interesting and high-quality content designed for both preschoolers and children who have started elementary school.

5) Lifesum. Finally, in our special selection, we could not miss an app for the whole family, and especially for parents who want to be mindful of a healthy and balanced eating lifestyle. Lifesum offers monitoring of our daily nutrition with personalized diets and food programs, food and exercise tracking, calorie counter and healthy recipes. You can enter the foods you eat (even by simply scanning the bar code on the package) and get an idea of how many calories you are ingesting or download one of the diets offered (paid service).

Familyandmedia recommends: It is a perfect app to deepen our knowledge for greater awareness of nutritional choices. Ideal for moms and dads looking for nutritional wellness and healthy eating style for the whole family.


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