What is the most inviting, mysterious and multiethnic place on Earth? The
“maternal womb”, of course.

Is there another place during our lifetime where these differences are
annulled? Such differences as we know cause divisions and mark distances
which from time to time become unbridgeable. Only in a mother’s womb every
creature is safeguarded from conceptual, ideological, territorial and
cultural differences destined in time to mark his life in all things good
and bad. To find again an original unity one must start from the very place
where we came from; from our mother’s womb!

This is the idea that has inspired the advertising campaign by ONG “the
Mustard Seed”. It aims to promote “Project Hope”, a long-term cultural
project to stress clearly and in a forceful manner, the centrality of the
“maternal womb” which lies in the lives of each and every one of us. The
purpose of the project is to set up a “Centre to promote the maternal
womb”. It is a well visible place situated in the centre of Bari. It
informs mothers and fathers (and even future parents and engaged couples)
on family orientation courses, conventions made with nurseries and schools,
conventions with shops for expectant mothers and fathers and growing
children, medical specialists and any other initiative which might help

The campaign uses the image of a young expectant mother. Through this a
strong impact is made, it’s striking and sends an immediate message.
However, it is the slogan which gives the effect needed because it cites a
biblical passage where the Virgin Mary meets Saint Elizabeth benedictus fructus ventris tui… The content and context are quite
appropriate because the use of Latin instead of Italian reinforces the
message. It is direct, almost hieratic and certainly draws the attention to
even rushing passers-by and people who are generally less interested in
these issues. The rest of the advertising campaign explains in detail the
reason for this initiative which is to gather funds for Project Hope. The
ad campaign is launched through billboards all round the city, through the
internet and the distribution of pamphlets. It is certainly a good cause
and it should be stressed that one does not see advertising campaigns in
favour of maternity very often.

ONG, “the Mustard Seed” began in Bari in 2002 thanks to the enthusiasm and
commitment of Angela and Fabio, a married couple with four children today,
who together with friends have given life to charity events for Paediatric
wards, children in difficulty and a school for war orphans in Cameroon.

For any information, please visit: www.ilgranellodisenapa.org
(italian only)


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