When music videos are launched on the Internet, they instantly reach
millions of viewers of all ages, races and backgrounds. It is
unquestionably the most powerful means of expression available today.

Manuel Di Teffé , a film maker and experienced journalist of Italian,
Brazilian and American extraction knows all too well how much impact a
video clip can make when 100 million people regularly log on to music
sites in their free time. He says the public potential is in fact 4
billion and that 16 out of 20 of the most viewed videos of all time on
YouTube are music videos. Although the majority of these are well made,
they often portray destructive and improper lifestyles.

Manuel Di Teffé does not condemn or resign himself to what he sees,
moreover, he has put his talent to making a change. The result in
collaboration with Aid to the Church in Need and Mark Riedemann is the
creation of Music Visions: www.musicvisions.org.

On 8th March in occasion of Women’s Day, Di Teffé launched a
special music video entitled “Beside You” that celebrates the joy of
maternity in all its aspects: something unexpected, something unwanted
but …..eventually welcomed.

73,000 people downloaded “Beside you” in the first few days of its
launch. It is certainly a good start to an initiative which promotes
values and where unknown artists and their inedited songs can have


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