Today we can do practically everything through our phones; not only make
and receive calls, but also carry out banking transactions, purchase
online, store information and audio and video files, register passwords,
personal codes and PINs. However, like all objects, even the mobile phone
is subject to some unpleasant events, such as loss or theft.

Fortunately, the same technology helps us. Each operating system has its
own guide to follow in order to defend us adequately in case of a critical

The Android System

The first important task to do is to protect access to our applications
every time we open one. Here are the steps to take. Let’s start by going toGoogle Play and in the Search bar, type Applock. Once the search is done, we download the first
application that appeals to us the most (the SmartApplock app for
example) and, once opened, we start to “block access” by inserting pins or signs to the apps that contain with our data
sensitive. It is true that this method will slow down the timing of access
in the single app since we will have to insert our pin or sign every single time, but it is a necessary practice if we want
to have 360° protection.

But what should we do in case we lose our phone or in case of theft?

Also in this case we have to go to Google Play and download and
install the Lost Android application. Once opened, click on the
“Give admin rights” button so that the app can access all the settings
useful for finding and blocking the phone remotely. With Lost Android you can:

● Check the status of the phone (battery, data, etc.)

● Read text messages, send them directly
to E-mail and delete them

Set an alarm even if the phone is on silent mode

Block the phone via internet or text

Locate the phone on maps and always have its location
shown, using GPS, internet, or another cell

Send texts from a computer that will be then received by
the phone and shown on the screen in the case it’s stolen

Deleted messages and clear the phone’s memory, including
one’s Google account and address book; even the SIM card can be deleted

● Send popup messages to your phone (in the hopes that
whoever found it can read it)

● Forward calls or send them to another number, and so much more…

binds to the Google account registered on your phone and allows you to
control your smartphone from the Internet, through the

The commands can also be sent via SMS
, so even if not connected to the Internet, you can locate or block the

The application, albeit in beta, does a noteworthy job, remaining active in
the background of the phone and consuming almost as small amount of battery
as it does memory.

The IOS System

The system with the “apple,” has already included in its settings the way
to enter pin/password in your device to find and/or lock the phone from

The only element that’s needed 100% is that you remember your Apple ID,
necessary to access the Apple platform and enter/manage passwords to
lock/unlock your apps. I refer you to the free official guide for Apple

To enable the option to find one’s phone, go to the settings of the iPhone
and click on the [Account Name] -> iCloud -> Find my iPhone. We will
find a small button at the top right. Let’s switch the button of the Find my iPhone option to the right so that it turns green,
thus activating its functionality. After that, let’s connect to iCloud, the
collection of services based on cloud computing developed by Apple, an
instrument useful for us both to know where our phone is and to block it.
In this link you will find the complete guide to using the service Find my
iPhone. To lock the phone, in addition, once you turn it on in the iCloud,
simply click on the “All devices” button that will show a
list of registered devices. At this point, we’ll click to move the switch
and activate the lost mode that will immediately block our
phone that, later, will only be unlocked through our authorization by
canceling with another tap of the same switch.

We must note that in case we do not find our lost or stolen cell phone, it
is always convenient to report the incident to the due authorities and, of
course, contact your operator to request the blocking of the IMEI or of the
SIM card.

It is customary to say: “prevention is better than cure.” Therefore we take
all the necessary precautions. Entering an unlock code or using
any type of official tool in the market, can often protect
our data and avoid unpleasant situations that even though nobody likes to
happen, unfortunately, sometimes still happen.


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