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The conference

Communicate the Family: Challenges and Opportunities for

was held at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome on June
7, 2013, in collaboration with the

Forum of Family Associations

(link) and the Fiuggi Family Festival
(link). The initiative aimed to emphasize the need for especially media
and institutions to speak about the family in the present day by
listening and correctly interpreting the voices and needs of the

Too often, family associations, institutions, media and even the
families themselves fail to relate to each other; and when they do,
they are speaking different languages even though they are looking at
the same reality. It is therefore necessary that these various actors
develop a stronger, clearer relationship where communication is the key
for a correct analysis of the root issues, and solutions to challenges
and common problems can be obtained. This is all the more pressing
today with the reawakening of the presence of the family in civil
society, shown in the recent pro-family manifestations in France,
Italy, and Spain, ironically against the deafness of the political
classes and filters and misrepresentations by the media.

The following figures were among the guest speakers present: Francesco
Belletti, President of the Forum of Family Associations, professors Norberto González Gaitano,

José María La Porte and Daniel Arasa of the University of the Holy
Cross, Antonella Bevere Astrei, President of the Fiuggi Family
Festival, Luciano Moia, Editor-in-Chief of

, Maria Mussi Bollini, Vice-Director of
link) and RaiGulp (link) , and film director Fernando Muraca.

Particularly interesting and significant was the testimony of two
young Italian families. Through their short yet emotional video
projection they demonstrated how it is possible to communicate the
family on the web in a joyful, simple and direct way, with few
resources but great ideas and enthusiasm. In this case, the birth
of their third child gave the lead to the project. The video can be

. Enjoy!


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