Monday, April 15 2024

The United Nations’ Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations in the
Economic and Social Council (ECOSO) has approved the application for
general consultative status of the International Federation for Family Development (IFFD) during
their annual meeting of 2011.

The advancement from special to general consultative status allows for IFFD
to significantly collaborate with the United Nations by constantly
contributing to a wide range of issues on the ECOSO agenda. The new status
exponentially increases their range of influence in the economic and social
life of the families whom they represent. The final decision of the Council
is the only step needed for the new status to be official.

The upgrade puts IFFD in the top 5% of NGOs that hold general consultative
status in the UN, alongside the World Family Organization and the International Federation of Planned Parenthood. Now Planned
Parenthood and other organizations with a “gender policy agenda” will have
an alternative voice, a more family friendly and pro-life voice, in that
international forum. The Federation merits the new status through their
worldwide expansion to 58 countries on five continents, their financial and
professional stability built over 30 years of operation, and their
contributions to activities in all topics of the Economic and Social
Council agenda. Through more than 500 courses and 600 other events and
activities, including their Family Enrichment and aid programs for parents,
today the Federation serves over 50,000 people a year.

The new status will open new doors for their associated organizations to
carry out their work. This includes the think tank The Family Watch,
which deals with studies and initiatives aimed at greater recognition and
consideration of the family in the operations that build up society.


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