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My beloved bride:

I truly wish you knew how much I love your body!

Your body is pure fascination for me.

And well, I´m the only man on earth who has the privilege to touch you,

to embrace you,

to caress you.


Please, listen to what I am telling you…

Knowing exactly what the scale says every time you weigh yourself, does not
tell me who you are.

For me, what really matters is what I see: the body of a beautiful woman,
who has delivered herself to my love.

What other men or women think of the way you dress, the way you express
yourself, the way you live, is undoubtedly important, but it is not
essential in order for you to feel beautiful.


Of course the image of woman has changed…

It is clear that the present world does not appreciate the beauty of a
mother´s body, how it is curved and shapely.

Still, I do not understand how we could allow ourselves to be deceived in
this way;

any man should be instantly attracted, captured and even entranced by such
a body, for her femininity.

In simple words: being called to know the inner life of an elegant woman,
who takes care of her beauty, beyond just her beautiful long hair or her
attractive skirt,

is the most wonderful thing.


Think well about it…

“skeletal” models and showgirls, parading on the catwalk or on big screens,
wearing clothes designed by people who want to keep the woman of our time
in a perpetual adolescence, represent a cultural absurdity.

And so, from the bottom of my heart, I have to confirm what you already
know: they are wrong!

Nothing is more irresistible to a man than a feminine, prosperous woman who
communicates her motherhood.

Make up, perfumes, and the fabric of your clothing, have meaning when they
value your womanly being: your maternity–not when they hide it or expose
it too much.


God thought of woman so she might be pleasing to man,

and for man to bind himself in love to his woman.

The essential difference between a man´s body and that of a woman´s is

breasts and hips…a source of livelihood and a crib for children.

Personally, I care very little about the direction taken by current

increasingly distant from the lives of real women and real mothers, who
want much more than to look like mannequins.

I repeat: Only a man who truly loves his wife can really tell how beautiful
she is.


Clearly, having children deforms the body…

Wrinkles or stretch marks left by maternity, or white hairs, however will
not destroy your beauty.

Indeed, each of these things are for me the clear proof that you have lived
to love and be loved, and this is what every human being desires in the
utmost and deepest part of him.

Everything changes over time and a motherly body represents for me the
field of your great battles, among which, first of all, is the birth of our


I ask you not to forget…

Your life as a wife and a mother allows you to eat until you are no longer
hungry, to sleep if you are tired, and to make yourself up when you have
the time. And guess what: to see you (fighting like this) makes me fall in
love with you more and more.

Life needs balance, the right mean, not an abstract construct that find
meaning in duty for duty”.

And a woman who find her balance, who is where she can be and where she
wants to be, radiates a force that can disarm any man. And that is exactly
what happened to me when I fell in love with you.


Your body is my home…

to which I always return.

It is the proof of God´s constant love.

This is why I push myself to bless it, to make it grow, to love it.

For this reason I decided to stay in you forever.


your spouse,

who is enchanted by your body!


An Unending Spiral: The Price Bitter of Divorce
 An Analysis of the Documentary “Divorce Corp” by Stephen Sorge


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