An event completely dedicated to social media which presents
itself today as “one of a kind” and in a few years won’t make headlines
at all for it will certainly be extremely common by then. This unique
event took place from September 24-28th in fourteen
different cities spanned across three continents.

Turin, Barcelona, Berlin, Chicago, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, and
Seoul to name a few, were among the main cities hosting the five-day
event dedicated to digital communication through meetings, debates,
seminars and conferences featuring special guest speakers. Among the
other themes touched upon, this 2012 edition of Social Media Week, enriched by experiences and successes from
past editions, mainly focused on the “digital thought”, that is, the
relationship between technology and socialization.

It’s a delicate and important theme that allows us to pause for a
moment and reflect upon the social evolution of the recent years. This
evolution has changed and will continue to drastically change our
lives. It is enough to think about how the social media, with their
strong impact, have revolutionized our daily way of communicating in
such a short period of time. Social media are preferred to traditional
means, such as the telephone and the fax, and now even to recent media
such as email and sms. But it doesn’t stop there. Besides influencing
our relationships and social habits, social media have also brought
about significant changes in economy, through new ways of doing
business and creating value and wealth, and in the culture, through new
forms of education and learning models. They have even revolutionized
the way of conserving and handing down the memory of our civilization
to our descendants. Millions of gigabytes, shared on the web,
containing the blueprints of our time, are slowly taking the place of
books, paintings, statues, etc.

Among the most interesting and intriguing initiatives was an event that
took place in Turin (Italy) called, The Social Mom – Mom’s on the Web. Leading Italian mom
bloggers discussed how even maternity has considerably changed,
becoming a much more “shared” experience, thanks to the advent of
social networks. Testimonies from various mothers have made the
experience of maternity an experienced shared among all the “surfer
moms”. Through forums, chats, and social networks, mothers have
exchanged advice, opinions, fears, and above all, their happy moments
by, for example, uploading photos and videos of their little ones
online. The event closed with perspectives and curiosities regarding
upcoming challenges, giving everyone an invitation to the 2013 edition.


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