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Among the constants that are part of our daily routine, the smartphone is
undoubtedly one of them. We’d feel lost without this little black box that
helps us with appointments, emails, notes, editing, video calls, etc.
Phones have ensured that we may “have everything.” This is thanks to the
countless apps that, we must admit, often make our lives easier.

There is an app for everyone that can do just about anything, but this
article is for a specific category of people with smartphones without whom
the world would not exist: moms. Moms, as women and even more so because
they are mothers, are multitaskers. Phones and apps can help them to
facilitate all their daily tasks for family, work, and themselves. But it
is worth noting that we should use common sense and have some balance in
our lives when using apps.

Here are five apps that may prove useful for moms throughout the day.

Sprout Pregnancy Essentials
, an easy-to-navigate app designed for expecting mothers that provides
clear and comprehensive content. Based on the guidelines of the Italian
Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics (SIGO), this app is able to provide
highly accurate information and images of fetal development; it allows you
to track the baby’s development according to the presumed date of delivery
and to plan important examinations with doctors, also logging their
analyses and answers from the appointments. Not only that, but come the
“big day,” it will record the frequency, duration, and time of
contractions. We recommend this app for all mothers who need to closely
monitor their pregnancy.

Baby sleep white noise
is an app that can be very useful if you need sounds that will relax your
baby and put him or her to sleep. Beware though! This wide selection of
soothing noises just might put you to sleep, too! We recommend
this app for all mothers who need to relax during motherhood.

Beautiful Belly
. It’s an app for all women who are passionate about yoga and want to
exercise throughout their pregnancy. This app was designed by
internationally renowned yogi Briohny Smyth to help your body during the
various stages of pregnancy. A series of pre- and postnatal yoga programs
designed specifically for each trimester of your pregnancy. We recommend
this app for athletic moms who do not want to renounce exercise during

Busy Shapes & Colors
. Are you in a waiting room with a bored child? Busy Shapes & Colors might be able to help you! A simple app,
suitable for toddlers and specially designed to improve their fine-motor
skills. It’s a fun, stimulating, and very intuitive game for learning the
names of 11 shapes and 11 colors and is designed for preschoolers. A cute,
animated penguin will motivate your little one to keep playing. We
recommend this app for moms who want to get their child playing games.

Bring spesa
(or “groceries” in Italian). Last but not least, we present a really useful
app for all moms… but not only moms. Bring spesa simplifies
shopping by providing a list all members of a household can contribute to.
Everyone can edit the list by adding products and removing those already
purchased. This tool also offers numerous tips for making healthy and
convenient purchases and suggests recipes by automatically importing
ingredients into your shopping list. We recommend this app for all moms and
people who are extraordinarily multitasking, working, raising children, and
running the household. It’s truly a true miracle!


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