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In an increasingly abstract educational and formative context, geared more
to “what” rather than “how,” it becomes fundamental to make teachers and
educators reflect on universal themes and values related to family and
life. In this way of analysis and reflection, literature, cinema, and tv
series can be valid and of great help, in particular to identify those
virtues that are the basis of our social relations and fundamental
cornerstones for a more solid, just, and fair society.

From this educational requirement,

Familyandmedia Education

is born, a new e-learning portal, which offers video courses in Italian,
English, and Spanish, focusing specifically on the relationship between
family, media, and society. The courses are given by great professionals in
the field of communication and storytelling, in a professional manner, but
are at the same time engaging and passionate.

What is Familyandmedia Education

Familyandmedia Education

is the educational platform of Familyandmedia, an academic
center of international studies of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, which deals with the relationship between family, media, and society. Thanks to the decennial experience of Familyandmedia on issues in the family and the media, Familyandmedia Education is able to elaborate and offer an educational proposal with highly educational content, which aims to spread a sensitivity and a culture for a correct and balanced relationship with the media with an aim to promote human growth and formation of one’s character.

Whom It Concerns

Through its video courses, Familyandmedia Education
addresses all those who have an interest in exploring the themes of
communication related to the family, in relation to the cinema, television,
and literature, and even the most recent digital media.

The platform is aimed at middle and high school teachers and university
professors, but also communication professionals, parents, and those with a
passion for education.

Our courses also aim to be food for thought and guidance also for students
who wish to deepen and broaden their vision and their humanistic knowledge,
as well as their skills and technical know-how.

Our Courses and Teaching Methodology

In Familyandmedia Education we offer resources to enrich
your educational and pedagogical experience in a simple and intuitive way.
Our innovative teaching methods are accompanied by
visually striking video content, supporting a way of learning through story

to make your study experience as pleasant and engaging as possible.

Our educational videos, although diversified in subjects and themes, are
all united by an extreme ease of use and downloading of study material, as
well as by the high educational potential: learning, reflecting,
discussing, sharing, and collaborating are essential characteristics of the
teaching methods of Familyandmedia Education.

Enter now in Familyandmedia Education and come discover
our courses!

Educate about the media with media.

The course has two objectives:

1) show how media has a decisive influence on a person’s life and on the
family unit, as well as on society

2) create the awareness that the media present risks but also many
opportunities as an educational factor for the family.

Storytelling workshop

Story telling is the best way to explain.
The course has two objectives:

1) show how very current, ethically sensitive issues can be addressed and
analyzed through the technique of storytelling.

2) acquire the right sensitivity to discern the message that a film or TV
series wants to communicate to us.

Educating young people about love and friendship.

Unforgettable masterpieces for a timeless feeling. The classics never
fade because they always capture what is true and human about human
The course has two objectives:

1) cultivating the palate for great stories because they are able to
profoundly influence the perception that young people have of love and
friendship, and on another level shape the formation of one’s character.

2) promote an educational culture aimed at critical sense and the
development of thought.


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