#there’s a problem in communications that is social
is the hashtag, or shall we say, the warning upon whichPlacting ( www.placting.it)
wants to focus public opinion. An editorial project recently created in
Italy, Placting promotes and encourages a new and ethical communication for

They hope to demonstrate how TV, advertising, and the internet today is
geared more than ever towards constructing messages sympathetic to
commercial logic, and not always oriented towards something that is
socially useful.

Sometimes only very little is necessary to change this situation: a value,
a principle, even just an emotion that can contribute in some way towards
sewing a positive seed in the social fabric.

We met Dario Nuzzo to speak about the new viral initiative #there’s a problem in communications that is social
promoted by the Placting project. Here are his words on the subject:

“The idea of the hashtag was born recently in order to try and understand
the real impact that advertising communication has upon the person. While
“zapping” on the web, we realized that users do not remain at all impassive
to the advertising proposals that circulate on the various media. On the
contrary, they tend to manifest their critiques and comments, in particular
on social media, which often sound like real and true social commentary.
User opinions indicate how communication does not always manage to give the
right message. In fact, sometimes they downright clash with user

“The best response to this need by users with a greater sense of ethics and
responsibility in advertising is precisely to promote and stimulate open
discussion in a “open space,” like for example social media. In this way,
ideas, points of reflection, comments, and proposals can be gathered. Our
intention is concrete and operational: not only to demonstrate what doesn’t
work, but also to provide positive instruments for designing proposals and
ideas for communication that is oriented towards family engagement.

“From the very first comments that arrived on our Facebook page in fact,
the need for something to change clearly emerges. It is a need to place the
person and his dignity at the center of media communication. We invite all
the readers of Familyandmedia to give their contributions and to send us
their views and constructive ideas concerning our Facebook page


. We are certain to stimulate an open discussion that can be very useful
towards creating a new culture of ethical communications.”


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