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Love, devotion, and a sense of responsibility have always been the basic ingredients for becoming a good father. Unlike mothers, fathers are not born but made. But sometimes, even if all the qualities and good intentions are there, being a good dad can be harder than expected.

Fortunately, today, thanks to technology, some “tasks” can be fulfilled in an easier way, including being a great parent! There are various apps that can help you become a “Superdad,” a family hero that will delight both your children and their mother.

Just as an important reminder: these apps in no way replace the love and dedication with which a dad raises his child. Parental love is not replaceable or recalculable with technology. Technology can help, but feelings and a sense of duty must always be the main basis of everything.

And moms, don’t be jealous. These apps don’t steal your tasks but help you by making your husbands more involved in raising your children.

  1. Quick Tips for New Dads

This app was not born out of a cold, speculative marketing plan, but rather out of the personal experience of its inventor. A British man, finding his first days as a dad to be very difficult, came up with this great method to help other new dads become a better parent.

The app is a community where fathers can give each other advice and information. It’s further enhanced by tutorials with pictures that explain everything a father needs to know how to do…from changing diapers to making delicious, healthy baby food! This app is available only for Apple devices.

Familyandmedia recommends this app for all new dads, especially younger ones who are inexperienced in changing diapers and holding their baby.

  1. Mini Hug

Does work take up so much of your time that it stops you from spending time with your child? Then this app is definitely for you.

Mini Hug is an app designed to motivate parents to spend more time with their children. It is a virtual journal for dads where each father can create a profile for each child. On each of these profiles, he can record the various activities he has done together with his kids. For each activity recorded in the journal, points are acquired and a virtual game begins. The overall score can be shared on social networks, so that each father can compare his score with other dads’ scores. This creates a healthy competition that is an incentive to improve as parents and spend more time with your kids!

Familyandmedia recommends this app for managerial and professional dads who, too often, leave their kids to be watched by grandparents or babysitters, but who want to take some of that time back!

  1. An all-around dad (In Italian “Un papà tuttofare”).

Remember grandma’s old fairy tales that began with “Once upon a time…”? An all-around dad is really an interactive story about a father who does everything out of love for his children.

So, every night, a dad might read one of the many stories of the all-around dad to his children to get them to fall asleep.

By doing so, he who reads the stories can convey (to his family) the concept of a dad who would do anything for his children out of love.

But the most original thing about this app is that when you’re away at work, you can record your voice telling the stories and replace that of the narrator, so the kids can listen to you reading to them.

Even when you’re away, your child can still feel close to you before falling asleep.

Familyandmedia recommends this app for dads who love to cuddle their children and make them feel safe, secure, and adored. Grandparents don’t be jealous; your fairy tales are still the best bedtime stories.


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