Monday, April 15 2024

How series change our lives

Norberto González Gaitano

Stefania Garassini, a mother, university professor of communication, and journalist opens our eyes to the power of TV series through a new website, Orientaserie, and a book, Lo schermo dei […]

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Credibility of the media. A study investigates perceptions of journalism in Denmark, Spain, and the U.S.


How do people in Denmark, Spain, and the U.S. feel about newspapers, broadcast news, and news they can read online? Are journalists still credible? More importantly, are traditional media like […]

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Lucrezia Scotellaro

In the alphabet of generations, they are the last. We are talking about the young people born between 1997 and 2012, who make up the so-called Generation Z. They come […]

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The psychology of the selfie: what is really behind this constant urge to photograph and post?

Annalisa Di Benedetto

“We are the army of the selfie” a line of a 2017 song runs. An apt denunciation, showing how the social world is sucking us into a parallel life of […]

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Four Movies You Wouldn’t Consider “Christmas Movies”!

Cecilia Galatolo

How many Christmas movies exist? Hundreds… maybe even thousands. We know all the lines of some by heart and will never stop watching, while others seem a little corny and […]

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